The Civil id Status Means To Know different things about Civil id like Civil id is valid or not. Our Today Article is about the Civil id Inquiry with different and easy ways. If you are expats in Kuwait or Kuwait Citizen, then you must have a civil id card. If you have it, then must check your status, because doing this you can understand about your civil id card the expiry status.

If your card expired then the status of it come appear in you Android phone Screen. Renew it within 7 Days, After the given time fine applied on you according to Daily Basis. So the fine applied on you on daily basis if you not renew it.

You can check about the status of your civil id by following Methods

  1. Using PACI Kuwait Portal
  2. Using Mobile Civil ID APP
  3. Through Voice Query

Civil Id Status PACI Kuwait.

PACI Kuwait Offer you to check your civil id status. Use this portal Free of cost to know about the whole status of your civil identity card. These are the important steps to check with PACI Kuwait Portal

  1. Open PACI Kuwait Portal On Android or Computer.
  2. Find and Click on “Inquiring About Civil Id Status” Page.
  3. Empty Box of Civil id Appear. Put Your Civil id Number and Click on Query Button to know about your id card complete status.
  4. Now see and understand the status. See the Message and do further process. If your status come appear expired then must Renew Civil Id.

Click Here To Know More About Your Civil ID

Civil Id Status Voice Query

You can check Your Civil id status Voice Query through this number 1889988. Daily 1889988 on Zain Mobile network or any other network in kuwait. Then follow all the process to check your civil id status through voice query.

Civil id Status Through Kuwait Mobile ID APP

Follow steps

  1. Install App
  2. Select Language
  3. Click on Civil id status Option
  4. Enter Civil Id Number
  5. Click on Query button