The importance of the Nol Card in Dubai is very high. Nol Card is anywhere in Dubai. If you are, it should be with you. The first thing you have to do is charge and then you can use it as you want to travel. Take the bus tomorrow. I am. I am there. You will not be allowed to travel anywhere in Dubai without Nol Card. Government services cannot be used by you as long as you have them. Card not available.

Types of Nol Card In UAE?

Nol Silver Card
NOL Blue Card
NOL Golden Card
Nol Red Ticket

In Dubai, you can make four types of Nol cards and you can use them alternately to get different services. You can load it and it can be recharged from anywhere. You can use it for your transport. To Check Your NOl card balance Inquiry and Other useful Article visit this website

In addition, the Nol Blue Card is also very important. The advantage of this is that if you lose this card, you will be notified via SMS and email. This is one of the best advantages of the Nol Blue Card. A little better than that is a little more than its service. The advantage of this is that your card will be automatically rented or deducted.

The Nol Golden Card is very important. In Dubai, the Golden Card is used to get you the most expensive services, such as luxury car weddings and comfortable services, whether government or private. The card can be used on the metro train.

Nol Red Card is a type of paper base ticket which you can buy for only two dirhams from any vending machine. You can use it to draw Metro and just to get one service. You can’t get both services with the help of one time red cricket. The advantage of this is that the amount you have paid will not be deducted from your card automatically and you’re current

How to Check Nol Card Balance Online?

If you want To check Your Nol Card balance Inquiry Online I found a great Article to Check Online NOL Card Balance Inquiry with few Steps. The Nol card can be found online for which the Dubai government has added a new portal to the RTA website by entering your Nol Card Number and get detail If you also want to know the balance of Nol Card now, whatever it may be, you can follow our procedure.