In the present era internet services becomes the need of everyone. As other services, internet banking is one of the best services through mankind doing almost its financial work through the internet. Make sure must get information about Boi Internet banking

Bank of India also provides internet banking for its users. If you want to log in to your account or register yourself for the first time in Bank of India then the following method will help you to access your account.

Step 1. Open the official website in your favourite browser on mobile, laptop or desktop.

Step 2. After opening the home page of BOI you will find different clickable buttons such as online services, internet banking and contact us etc. Now click on “internet banking”. It will lead you to the new page.

Step 3. In the new page there are two types of internet banking, one is personal and the other is corporate log in.

Step 4. Click on “personal” it will show you a customer briefing page, at the end of page just click on “OK”. This will leads you to the new page contains Log in and registration forms.

Step 5. Now at left side of page you will see “Retail Login”, if you are already registered user then you have to fill those boxes by putting your username and password provided at the time of registration. Tick “use virtual keyboard box” , and insert captcha numbers then click on the “SUBMIT” button.

Step 6. If you are a new user and wants to register yourself for internet banking then you have to fill out a form at that page and submit your application. After a while you will be able to log in on a website through your online account.

After submission you will have to read terms and conditions of the bank of india and at the end you will have to agree with the terms by clicking on “I Agree”.

That was the simple process of login to internet banking of bank of india.